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Susanne’s Review:

Oh, Drat!  How I wanted to love this and count my lucky stars, but alas, Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandra Bellefleur was not quite for me.  Stop the presses, however, as it wasn’t the plot or the characters I didn’t love, it was something else altogether..

The fact of it is, that “steamy details” don’t do it for me. In fact, “steamy details” make me cover my eyes and run screaming and the details in this one were a doozy.  

While I love this author and the main characters of Margot and Olivia (and Elle, Darcy, Brandon, and Annie) and this series so very much, this book made me duck and cover.  

What I did like, however, were the friendships and relationships between all of the characters and how everyone communicated. The issues brought up by Margot and Olivia when trying to figure out the ins and outs of their relationship are what romance is all about!  If only this book had been less risque.  Truth be told, if this author’s books were less racy, then I personally would enjoy them more as the storylines and her writing style is fabulous. 

A romance for everyone, who loves love.  If racy, steamy details are your thing, this book just might be right up your alley. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon, and Harper Voyager for the arc.

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