The Siren by Katherine St. John @thekatstjohn @GrandCentralPub @goodreads #GoodreadsGiveaway #fiction #thriller #mystery #bookreviewer

Susanne’s Review:

Huge thanks to #GoodreadsGiveaway for the Win!

Juicy, Campy, Mindless Entertainment!

If you’re a fan of Soap Operas – this book is for you!

A Movie Set in the Caribbean.  The Cast and Crew.  Hot Bodies, vying for attention.  Drugs and Alcohol in abundance.  A Hurricane Threatening to Destroy Everything and of course, Good and Evil at play. 

Sounds hella entertaining, am I right?

Well, it was hella crazy, that I will say!

It was also full of eye-rolling behavior, and lots of predictable moments.

That said, if you love getting caught up in the lifestyles of the rich and famous and are looking for a fun, beachy read, to lose yourself in, The Siren is calling your name.

Thanks to Goodreads Giveaway and Grand Central Publishing for the Win.

Published on Goodreads and Twitter.

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