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Kaceey’s Review:

Typically, neighborhood-based thrillers are some of my favorites. It makes me question what could be going on down my own street. And has me thanking my lucky stars that I live in a quiet, bucolic neighborhood. Though a new couple did just move in at the end of the block. So, we shall see! I will need to keep a discrete (or not so much) watchful eye on them!🧐 

A murder in the Hollow’s Edge neighborhood. Once a prestigious and highly sought-after residence. Now the remaining home owners can’t even sell their homes.   

To further complicate things, one of their “good neighbors” Ruby, had been convicted of that very killing! Shockingly, that verdict was recently overturned and Ruby has now returned to pick-up where she left off.   

Everyone remains convinced she’s still guilty, literally getting away with murder. So what if she truly is innocent? What exactly does that mean for everyone else on the block!? 

I struggled with this book from the start. There were so many characters that I simply couldn’t keep them straight throughout the entire read.  

The big reveal of the mystery behind the killing was a considerable let down for me as well.   

Even given my disappointment, I’ve enjoyed this author in the past and won’t hesitate reaching for her next project. 

A buddy read with Susanne

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