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Kaceey’s Review:

Oh my gosh. I went into this read expecting a fun romance. Yes, I heard there were some deeper themes involved. But truly I thought those would be a side note. Turns out it was the romance that took second stage.

Anna’s long time boyfriend just asked or should I say presented her with the fact he wants an open relationship to explore other women before they get engaged. Umm….what!?

Reluctantly (not that she had a choice) Anna agrees. Because she always agrees. It’s easier that way right!? How does one actually say “no” and stand up for what they need?

Well if Julien can do it so can Anna! Enter Quan. A good looking tattooed ‘biker’ recovering from his own personal trauma. Trying to conquer his fears, he would like to start dating again.

Anna knows she is different. She ‘masks’ in order to fit in.

As Quan sees this side of Anna he is drawn in closer rather than running away. Anna’s family chooses to ignore this side of her. Not acknowledging or helping her.

When a family emergency requires Anna to put her life on hold to tend to her family, her resilience is put to the test. As she starts to crumble under the pressure, her pain and anguish are palpable.

When Anna reached her breaking point – so did I. I listened to her chapters while sobbing (yes ugly crying). She touched a part of me and her undoing became mine.

The romance is sweet and spicy. The messages of grief, family responsibilities and acceptance is strong and powerful.

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