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Kaceey’s Review:

Are you tired of the same old thriller? Ready for something just a bit different? Look no further, my thriller friends! 

Lizzie Oulette seemed destined to be on the outside looking in. Never accepted by her peers growing up. And even though she married a local guy, still finds herself cruelly left out of any social gathering. 

And things just got considerably worse for poor Lizzie. Her body has been discovered and her husband has suspiciously disappeared. The evidence trail leads detective Ian Bird to a disgraced socialite couple who had previously rented a remote cabin from Lizzie.  

The storyline plays out with Lizzie herself describing the events leading up to the killing. Can you put the pieces together? Can Detective Bird solve the mystery? 

This was a cleverly plotted thriller that felt so different from the “formulary thrillers” we‘ve all been accustomed to reading lately. 

It was shocking, with some tasty jaw-dropping moments along the way. Now that’s more like it! Everything I could want and hope for (but rarely find) in my thrillers. 

My first read by this author and anxiously await her next release! 

A buddy read with Susanne 

Thank you to NetGalley and William Morrow and Custom House

Susanne’s Review:

Sheer Craziness!

When Lizzie Oullette’s body is found in her lake house, it sends the community of Copper Falls into a tailspin.  

The investigation into Lizzie’s death leads Detectives to the wealthy Adrienne Richards.  Adrienne is hiding something.  The question, however, is what?

Nothing is as it seems in this wild tale.  

Deception at its absolute best, No One Will Miss Her will have your head spinning in every direction.

A buddy read with Kaceey that left us both highly entertained.

Thank you to NetGalley, William Morrow and Custom House, and Kat Rosenfield for the arc.

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