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Susanne’s Review:

Nowadays, times appear rougher than they used to be. Danger shows itself in different ways.  Here and now, you can’t always see what’s right in front of your face simply because everyone is hiding behind a mask and Covid is ever-present. 

Never one to shy away from reality, Michael Connelly’s new novel, The Dark Hours brings it home. 

It’s in The Dark Hours that  Detective Renee Ballard does her best work.  She is a night owl and she loves flying solo. When a homicide occurs on her watch in the Late Shift, she wants it, even if the investigation should go to the detectives in the Hollywood Division. Once she dives into the case, what she finds, makes her want it even more. Her case links to an old unsolved crime, a cold case of retired Detective Harry Bosch’s, and wouldn’t you know it, the two decide to work together to solve them both.  

Ballard, of course, investigates other crimes as well, one of which involves several women assaulted in their homes, in the middle of the night, by a group called The Midnight Men, which brings about a different type of danger altogether.

This was a nail-biter, to say the least!

A very well-written, well-done police procedural, which took place during the pandemic.  Something very few authors even attempt.  I truly appreciated the care that Michael Connelly took, to center a police procedural in and around the pandemic and give major kudos to him for that.  

What I love most about this series is the camaraderie between Ballard and Bosch which warms my heart. If you know me, you know how much I love these characters, Harry Bosch specifically.  I could, in fact, wax poetic about my love for Harry Bosch (and have, in many a book review in this series, lol).  While I wish that Bosch took a more prominent role here, I still adored this novel and love the character of Renee Ballard. It’s clear that there will be some changes in store for both of these characters and I look forward to seeing where life takes them. 

A huge thank you to Little Brown and Company and NetGalley for the arc. Thank you for always being so generous in feeding my Harry Bosch obsession (lol). 

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4 thoughts on “The Dark Hours by Michael Connelly (Renee Ballard, #4, Harry Bosch Universe, # 35) @Connellybooks @littlebrown @NetGalley #mystery #suspense #characterdrivenfiction #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger #harrybosch

  1. Interesting that it’s a police procedural set during the pandemic. It’s strange how some authors include the pandemic, and some might mention it briefly but a lot of authors ignore it completely.


    1. You are so right Wendy. I wish more authors would touch on the subject instead of ignoring it completely as I think this is our world now, but it is what it is. I think it simply makes me appreciate it more when authors incorporate it and do it as well as Michael Connelly did here.

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