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Susanne’s Review:


Coined as “Unforgettable” – I would actually beg to differ.  There was nothing fun, cute, or exciting about Trish Doller’s debut about Anna, who decides to set sail on the open sea, start over and do her best to find a reason to go on after the loss of her husband, except perhaps Queenie, the cute dog she rescues, in this contemporary romance.

Perhaps my expectations were set too high.  That must have been it.  Whatever it was, I felt that “Float Plan” was a little lackluster. 

While I appreciate the care that this book took to dive into suicide and grief, I didn’t feel any sparks or romance between Anna and Keane and wish this novel had taken a different turn altogether.  I am, however, only one reader and most others really enjoyed this novel, thus I urge you to read other reviews if this premise is of interest.

This was a buddy listen with Ms. Kaceey.

Thanks to my library for loaning me a copy of this audiobook. 

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Kaceey’s Review:

AHOY! Are you ready to pull up anchor and set sail?😎

Anna thought she had her life thoroughly planned out. A once in a lifetime trip for her and her fiancé. An unbelievable chance to sail through the Caribbean in his sailboat. But when tragedy strikes, Anna suddenly finds herself very much alone. Once the fog of grief slowly lifts, Anna decides to take the boat herself and sail the Caribbean seas on her own.

Well…after the first leg of her dream cruise, Anna realizes she may not exactly be equipped to sail alone and searches for someone to be her 1st mate for the remainder of the trip .

Enter Keane. A troubled sailor just beginning to get past some of his own personal losses. Can the two heal themselves aboard their own little love boat? And maybe even heal each other?

This was a sweet read but a bit too heavy on the sailing jargon for me. As a die-hard romantic I would’ve rather un-covered more about the characters than how to sail. But then again…if you love sailing⛵️

I have book 2 The Suite Spot already queued up and ready to go! Happy reading!

A buddy read with Susanne

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