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Kaceey’s Review:

Do you remember your first kiss?  Your first true love? Was it possibly the same person?💁🏻♀️

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Birdie runs into the woods in tears. She’d just lost her father and the thought of her first Christmas without him was too much to bare. And there, alone in the woods is an equally sad, lonely boy Chase. Seemingly heaven-sent, the two broken souls share this sad moment in time. And before going their separate ways, they share one magical kiss.

Now nine years later, Birdie is preparing to graduate from college. She’s fully aware her long-time college boyfriend is ready to propose any day now. Nagging questions begin to surface. Is that what she really wants? Has she truly put her first love completely out of her memories? And what will she do if Chase miraculously reappear when she least expects it.

What a tender, sweet romance this was. And yes, I Melted! I do believe in love conquers all. And of course a HEA. With a hint of spice this was the perfect romance to Melt your heart.

My first read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed her writing. The characters all had great depth and the chemistry between Birdie and Chase was palpable!  

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8 thoughts on “Melt by Kayla Parent @kaylaparent_writer #romance #goodreadsgiveaways #holidayromance #bookreview #bookblogger

  1. My first kiss was in grade school. I ran into him a few years ago and I recognized him right away. This story sounds so sweet and at only 99 cents on amazon, I just bought it. Great review Kaceey.

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    1. Thank you Carla! I ran into my first kiss only about 6 years later. I too recognized him immediately though he didn’t recognize me. Lol! I hope you enjoy this one.🤩💕💕📚

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  2. Oh, your review brought tears to my eyes, Kaceey. I often think of my first kiss which was also with my first true love. I often think of him and wonder what became of him. And yes, I have searched for him on social media, but no trace of him….🤷‍♀️ I will never forget him. Great and emotionally stirring review. ❤📚

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  3. Oh I’m sorry you’ve never been able to find him Sandy. And I love that your first kiss and first love were the same man. My first kiss and first love were different men… or should I say boys! Lol! I too could never find my first love on line either.🙁💞💞


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