Hairpin Bridge by Taylor Adams #tayloradams @WmMorrowBooks @Netgalley #mystery #suspense #bookbloggers

Kaceey’s Review:

This book launched out of the starting blocks with a bang! And… I was all in! Then the bottom fell out, rapidly losing steam. It veered off in another direction (in fact many directions) and I truly had trouble following along.

Lena’s twin Cambry is discovered dead after an apparent suicide. Lena absolutely refuses to believe that Cambry would take her own life by jumping off a bridge.

Lena arranges a meeting with the officer who was the last to have contact with Cambry prior to her death. She demands answers and he is precisely the person to give them to her.

As previously mentioned, the storyline drifted off in so many directions, making it difficult to keep track of what the twins were living, dreaming, or imagining. And which twin was telling which story.🤪

My first read by Taylor Adams and just wasn’t a good fit for me. 

A buddy read with Susanne that left us both dazed and confused!

Thank you to NetGalley and William Morrow

Susanne’s Review:

What’s there to say?  

I adored Taylor Adams’ prior book No Exit and had very high hopes. But this?!  Well, it was kind of like a Train Wreck.

Way Over the Top.

Way too much going on, way too far-fetched, way too much to follow, and way too many storylines

Simply too much too much.

That my friends is all she wrote.  

A buddy read with Kaceey that left us both underwhelmed.

Thank you to NetGalley and Willam Morrow for the arc.

Review posted to Goodreads and Twitter.

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