Autoboyography by Christina Lauren @ChristinaLauren #ya #lgbtqia #fiction #bookreview

Simply Perfect in Every Way.

After moving to Provo, Utah, Tanner has had some adjustments to make.  Mainly in learning how to live his life in a predominantly Mormon town.  Having moved from liberal Palo Alto, things are quite different.  Especially for someone like Tanner, who identifies as bisexual. Though his family accepts him for who he is, not everyone in Provo would, thus keeping his sexuality a secret has become a way of life.

Tanner plans to keep his private life private, even from his best friend Autumn until he meets nineteen-year-old Sebastian Brother, who graduated from High School the year prior but is acting as the TA for “The Seminar” a writing class that Tanner is taking. 

Upon laying eyes on each other, both feel “it.”  It’s automatic, instinctive, and a problem.  Why?  Sebastian is Mormon, and Tanner is not.

Neither can run from their feelings and both need the other, yet Sebastian’s faith is strong as is his love for his family. 

What struck me most here is how wholly and fully Tanner’s parents accepted him.  If only everyone was like this. Thank you Christina Lauren for showcasing what unconditional love should look like.  

I adored Tanner, his innocence, his kindness, and his openness in believing in love pure and simple.  

A sweet, eye-opening, inspiring YA novel about acceptance, equality, identity, sexuality, and love.

Published on Goodreads and Twitter. 

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