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Kaceey’s Review:

A tad predictable but didn’t take away from my enjoyment one little bit!

Hannah Brooks works for a private security firm as an Executive Protection Agent. More commonly referred to as a bodyguard. No, she’s not your typical, hulking figure at six feet plus. Far from it, Hannah is an inch or two over five feet. Rather cute, completely unsuspecting. But make no mistake…looks are deceiving. She is an expert in martial arts and will gladly leave you broken in a puddle of mud if need be.

After the death of her mother and break up with her boyfriend (who just happens to also work for the firm), Hanna is re-focusing her energy hoping to get back to work and find some peace of mind. Her latest assignment might be the perfect ticket.

Jack Stapleton is a Hollywood A-lister here in Houston for a family obligation. Hannah is assigned to his case as the primary agent and must keep Jack in sight at all times. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s drop-dead gorgeous.🤩

But quickly Hannah finds herself so tangled up in it all, she isn’t sure what’s real and what’s an act.

I loved Hannah’s inner voice. Strong yet vulnerable. She was relentlessly stepped on by a lot of the other characters – maybe a bit too much at times. But through it all, always held her head up proudly no matter what and showed an inner strength we all want and need.

I adore Katherine Center’s books. Always guaranteed a fun rom-com that will demonstrate strength. Combined with equal amounts of love and laughter to keep me smiling along the way

A buddy read with Susanne.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press.

Susanne’s Review:

Swoon-worthy Jack Stapleton, Where art thou?  If you existed, I’d trade places with Hannah Brooks in a Heartbeat!

But then, I think I’ve said that about ALMOST every single one of Katherine Center’s leading men. I guess that means she’s got my number!  Ha. (Truth be told, Jake, from Happiness for Beginner’s holds the #1 spot in my heart on the Katherine Center’s leading male character list – he is the definition of swoon-worthy!)

A Christmas Buddy Read with Kaceey that was the perfect read for both of us!

Hannah Brooks is a Bodyguard.  Yep, you’ve heard me.  A highly sought after, 5 foot 5-inch bodyguard who works for a private corporation, hired to work for a gorgeous male actor who has recently taken some time off to care for his ailing mother.  So why does Jack Stapleton need a bodyguard?  He’s got a crazy stalker who is threatening his life. The problem is that his family is uber traditional and won’t take kindly to having bodyguards around so Hannah is going to “pretend” to be Jack’s girlfriend.  

SO what happens when things start to get personal between Hannah and Jack.  Sparks FLY!  And let me just say that I had a front-row seat!

The Bodyguard had ALL the Feels!  This book dug deep and examined the painful parts of its characters’ lives and was all about accepting people for who they are.  Kudos to Katherine Center for going there!  The Bodyguard also had lots of witty banter, and many laugh-out-loud moments as well.  

This is yet another winner from Katherine Center and it was the perfect holiday buddy read with Kaceey that made us laugh and smile.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the arc.

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6 thoughts on “The Bodyguard by Katherine Center @katherinecenter @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #womensfiction #contemporaryfiction

  1. Oh Boy!! I’m so excited now to read this!! I’ve never been disappointed by a Katherine Center book, but now it has both your endorsements and I can’t wait!!

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  2. Wonderful recommendations! I have only read 3 Katherine Center books, but loved them all. This is on my TBR, but I have been waiting until it is a bit closer to publication. I might not wait much longer though.

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