The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave #lauradave #mystery #suspense #bookreviewer

Highly Intriguing!

When her husband Owen disappears after a highly publicized scandal at work, Hannah Hall is stunned.  After all, he left his daughter Bailey in her care along with a note with two words written on it:  “Protect Her.”  Bailey is left with much more… a duffel bag full of money in her locker at school.  

Nothing will ever be the same again. 

Bailey has never gotten along all that well with her stepmother Hannah,.. but now, they are all each other has and they must work together to find out what happened.  The relationship between Hannah and Bailey was one of my favorite things about this novel.  Complex, interesting, and refreshingly honest.  Another thing that I loved is that part of this book takes place in Austin, Texas where I used to live, thus I could picture the sites and sounds, perfectly.  

A mystery/suspense that kept my attention.  Considering everything that is going on in the world lately, that is a HUGE feat as most books bore me to tears lately! Kudos to Laura Dave for keeping me in suspense the entire time!  The audiobook was narrated by Rebecca Lowman who did a brilliant job as well. 

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audio.

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