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Kaceey’s Review:

Book seven of Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Rockton’ series.

So, you’re probably wondering…what is Rockton? Glad you asked! Well, Rockton is a fictional town hidden deep into the Yukon. Where one can go (providing the committee approves you) to remain hidden until the proverbial dust settles in their lives. And the reasons run the full gamut, ranging from staying one step ahead of the law, their spouses, or life itself. Here in this mountain hideaway, they’re mostly living off the grid. A very small community of complete strangers, unable to venture beyond the borders of their town or risk what may be waiting for them in the forest.

If you’re new to the series, no worries! Kelley Armstrong starts the book with a bit of a recap of all the principal characters. Having said that, while I’ve read nearly every book in this series I was still a bit confused. Susanne had to break it down for me…character by character!🤪

When a resident of Rockton is outed with his previous life/crimes, on display for everyone. It’s up to Detective Casey Dunkin and her boyfriend / Sheriff Eric Dalton to find who’s responsible before chaos ensues.

Oopsie Daisy…Too late!🙃

This series runs a bit hot and cold for me. After all, there’s only so much crime you can solve in this cozy little town. But I always enjoy my visit to Rockton.

This may possibly be the end of Rockton? Or…..😱

A buddy read with Susanne.❄️☃️

Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books.

Susanne’s Review:

So this is it.  The End of Rockton.  Somehow I have grown quite fond of these characters over the years and have to say that I’m quite sad to see this day come.

That said, I must say that I was very EAGER to see how it was going to end…and I was, unfortunately, let down yet again.

Why does this happen so often?  I think the answer lies in the fact that I anticipate.  Lie in wait.  Have high hopes.  And they continue to be dashed.  

Casey Butler and Eric Dalton are the stewards of Rockton, keeping it safe from all others and keeping the town’s secrets. Now, however, someone has decided to take matters into their own hands, spreading the residents’ secrets and wreaking major havoc. 

Secrets, lies, revenge, and of course, murder.  It wouldn’t be Rockton, without that.  

This one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, which admittedly surprised me, considering this is (supposedly) the last book in the Rockton series. Like I said at the beginning, I was a bit anxious to see how this ended and now I’m perplexed. Will there be more to Casey and Dalton’s story?  Time will tell, I suppose.

Until then, thank you, Kelley Armstrong, for writing about a place hidden deep in the Yukon that I could imagine escaping to, even in the darkest of times.  I think I’d rather battle criminals than Covid, but that’s just me.  

This entire series was a buddy read with Kaceey, which gave us much to talk about these last few years.  I love the fact that we have been reading together for so long Kaceey and I can’t wait to continue reading with you for many years to come.  

Thank you to Netgalley and Minotaur Books for the arc.

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  1. At one time I added this series to my TBR (probably after reading your reviews), but never got to it. Now I’m not sure. I am glad you read this series together and enjoyed it. A cliffhanger? Sounds like there will be at least one more to me.

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