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Kaceey’s Review:

Freya’s life took a head-whipping turn, from the happiest moments completing her last-minute preparations for her wedding, to shock and devastation when her fiancé Matthew calls off the wedding the day before the nuptials.

How will Freya recover? Will she recover? Will her heart ever mend enough for her to leave the house without breaking down? 

It’s wedding season, and all… and I mean ALL of her friends have weddings planned this year. Freya is obligated to attend each one. But how? 

Her besties come up with a creative plan to distract her during each wedding. She must perform an outrageous task during each wedding…each building in complexity. (And embarrassment) All to bring Freya out of her cocoon and find that life can be joyful once more. (Just what good friends are for!)

What I really enjoyed about this read: The heart-warming friendships Freya had, and how everyone rallied around her to help her heal. Her father and brother were amazing as well. And yes, I grew to love her mom too.

What I didn’t enjoy: For the first third of the book it was the overwhelming sadness and heartache Freya endured. Just difficult to read. ( Maybe ‘cause I’m such a softie 💞).

Overall, the spirit of the weddings and the healing of hearts through the strength and love of family and friends won me over.

This was a buddy read with Susanne that gave us lots to talk about. Love, loss, and of course friendship!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press

Susanne’s Review:

The Wedding Season is Exactly What this Girl Needed!

Charming, Fearless, Funny, Romantic, Sad, Serious & Sweet! 

The day Matthew calls off the wedding, Freya’s once-perfect life is destroyed. Everything she thought she knew about love and herself, is shattered into pieces. To make matters even worse, hers was the first wedding of the season and she has seven more to go and somehow, she has to get through all of them! 

Her best friends, however, come up with a plan. They come up with a series of challenges for Freya to complete at each and every wedding to distract her and against all odds, it works. The only thing left is for Freya to dig down deep and confront her true feelings and work on herself, which as we all know is the hardest part.

I adored all of the characters here and rooted for Freya throughout. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that this book has a bit of everything in it. Fabulous witty banter, romance, best friends, and a heart-wrenching storyline. It will make you laugh and smile and yes, may perhaps make you shed a tear or two.

This was another buddy read with my bestie Kaceey which gave us a lot to discuss, especially compared to most contemporary fiction novels that we read – perhaps because this one dug a little deeper.  

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for the arc.

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