Now I See You by Shannon Work (Mountain Resort Mystery Series, #1) #goodreadsgiveaway #fiction #thriller #bookreview

Kaceey’s Review:

T.V. anchor Georgia Glass prepares for the opportunity of a lifetime. Hosting her own investigative show in L.A. But before embarking on this epic journey she chooses to take a few weeks off to tend to her newly inherited home in Aspen. First project…renovating the garage! Huh? Well, that certainly wouldn’t have been my pick on where to start a reno, but that’s just me.💁‍♀️

Turns out, it would become a chilling choice after Georgia and her contractor stumble across the body of a young woman in that garage. Once the police arrive at the scene it becomes clear. The picture-perfect resort community of Aspen has a serial killer on the loose!

This book read easily enough with short chapters but could easily have been significantly shorter. Just too much.

The ending was a bit obvious (to me) leaving me a bit underwhelmed. This is book one of a new series but I’m not sure it hooked me enough to continue on.

Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways.

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