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Susanne’s Review:

Atmospheric, Suspenseful and Eerie!  Simone St. James does it again.  

Claire Lake, Oregon:

Shea Collins is a true crime blogger, fascinated by cold cases.  As a child, she escaped an abduction.  Though it has had a huge impact on her life, Shea survived.

In 1977, several men were murdered. Victims of a female serial killer named the Lady Killer, who left notes at the scene of each crime.  At the time, Beth Greer was arrested, though she was never convicted.  Beth now lives a reclusive life in Claire Lake, until she is discovered by Shea Collins who asks for an interview.

These two meet at Beth’s home, where everything is exactly as it was 40+ years prior, when both of Beth’s parents died leaving Beth alone in a mansion. The atmosphere is uncomfortable, cold, chilling, and absolutely terrifying. Yet Shea will do anything for a story and over time, she gets one.

A thrilling paranormal mystery that left me chilled to the bone, eagerly awaiting Simone St. James’ next novel.  

This was another buddy read with Kaceey!

Huge thanks to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for the arc. 

Kaceey’s Review:

Halloween may be sometime away, but if you’re interested in an eerie read, this is it!

Shea is a receptionist at a physician’s office. A real sleeper. Nothing ever exciting happens here. (Just the way she likes it.) Until a woman suddenly walks through the door. Shea is positive she knows her…but just can’t place her.🤔

Shea has a rather interesting side hobby, hosting a wildly popular blog dealing with true crimes. Wait a second… that’s it! That’s where she knows this woman from! She got away with murder and she’s standing in front of her! Shea is quick to realize this is a golden opportunity to meet and interview the infamous Beth Greer. But Shea may be in over her head with this one.

This book had an other-world, spooky tone to it right up to the end. I don’t do horror and I wouldn’t classify this one as part of that genre. Let’s just say a paranormal vibe.👻

Another fun buddy read with Susanne!

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing

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