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Susanne’s Review:

Cue the assumptions, the drug use, and the paranoia.  

Chloe Davis was twelve years old when her father was arrested for murdering six teenage girls.  

Traumatized for life, Chloe escaped to Baton Rouge as an adult so as to try and start over. It’s been twenty years and still, it haunts her. Engaged to be married, Chloe can’t let go.  

When a teenage girl goes missing, all of Chloe’s old feelings re-emerge. Then her body is found and Chloe has no choice but to investigate in order to try and stop the killer before he strikes again.

A Flicker in the Dark started out strong and I was all in… and then poof, halfway through, my interest went out like a light.  

Why? The myriad of assumptions made by Chloe about potential murderers (without any proof at all), along with her anxiety and sheer paranoia, made me completely annoyed. Frankly, I just wanted to skip to the end with 45% left of the novel. Furthermore, her “ability” to obtain prescriptions in the name of other people and take numerous pills to zone out frustrated me to no end. Lastly, I happened to guess both culprits early on, and while that didn’t impact my enjoyment, I thought both were quite obvious.  

While this novel wasn’t quite for me, I am only one reviewer thus I urge readers to check out other reviews.

A buddy listen with Kaceey.

Thank you to MacMillan Audio via Netgalley for the alc.

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Kaceey’s Review:

Do you consider your family dysfunctional?

Many will answer that with an absolute YES! But, I do believe Chloe takes the grand prize. Her father is currently sitting in prison for the murder of six teenage girls. Yup! Having a serial killer for a father makes Chloe the hands-down winner.🏆

Chloe has desperately tried to put her nightmarish childhood behind her, but a little something called trust has become a huge issue…as you can imagine!💁🏻‍♀️

So what happens when teenage girls start dying…again! And Chloe knows each of them. Horrifying. But it can’t be her father, he’s still in prison. So is this a copycat? Or worse?

Though I had this one figured out early on, it in no way took away from my enjoyment… at all. It was thoroughly engaging from start to finish. This happens to be a debut from a talented new thriller author. And I’m looking forward to what she’ll come up with next!

Highly recommend the audio version!

A buddy read with Susanne (thank you 😉)

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio

8 thoughts on “A Flicker In The Dark by Stacy Willingham @MacmillanAudio @NetGalley #fiction #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

  1. I got approved on NetGalley but forgot to download so I guess I might not missed out on the story much. I’m glad you got to listen to it and able to solve before the reveal 😊


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