Billy Summers by Stephen King @StephenKing #mystery #suspense #characterdrivenfiction #bookreview

Guess somebody LOVES Stephen King!

Susanne’s Review:

Quite the Tale!

Billy Summers is gripping, entertaining, somewhat surprising, and yet, somewhat predictable.  

What I loved:  

The character of Billy. Brilliant, sweet, kind, and as honest as he can be, given his career choice.

Alice Maxwell. What a surprise she turned out to be.  

The friendship that developed between Billy & Alice.  

The nod to The Shining. The Overlook Hotel will never be forgotten.

What I didn’t love:

The War Stories. I get that the point of this was to explain Billy’s background but given everything going on in the world and in my life personally, I found these passages to be wholly depressing and I felt that they just made the story drag on and on.

On the whole, I enjoyed Billy Summers quite a bit and even though it won’t make it into my list of favorite Stephen King books, I loved the character-driven plot and adored Billy, Alice and Bucky too. If you’re a fan of Stephen King I’m sure this one will be a winner for you as well!

6 thoughts on “Billy Summers by Stephen King @StephenKing #mystery #suspense #characterdrivenfiction #bookreview

    1. It was good Wendy but those parts were a bit tough for me. Someone else I know read it right before me though and really liked it those passages included. I think with everything going on in the world it just made it a bit harder.. I’d love your thoughts on it for sure!


  1. I have this sitting on my bedside table Susanne. I love Stephen King but for some reason can’t bring myself to open the cover on it. One day I will get the urge and pick it up – that’s the way it works with this author and I. 🤷‍♀️❤📚

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