The Angel Maker by Alex North @writer_north @CeladonBooks @NetGalley @MacmillanAudio

Susanne’s Review:

Another Pulse Pounding Thriller from Alex North!  

Fate is a funny thing. Either you believe in it, or you don’t. Alan Hobbes is a Professor who teaches Fate, and Free Will, and believes fully in both. As if he knew, or had some sort of intuition, a few hours before Alan Hobbes is about to be murdered, he fires his entire staff. Sounds almost like fate or perhaps just a coincidence?

Growing up, Katie Shaw and her brother Christopher were quite close until one fateful day when Katie made the greatest mistake of her life. Thereafter, both she and Chris paid dearly for it. Chris most of all.

Years later, Katie has a family of her own, who she would do anything to protect. Unfortunately for her, she’s going to have to do just that.

Throughout most of his life, Chris has been through hell. It seems as though he has come out the other side. It’s too darn bad that hell isn’t done with him.

A twisty-turny novel that got me all riled up, The Angel Maker is another winner from Alex North! 

I will admit that I wasn’t sure about this at first, and had a bit of trouble keeping all the storylines straight. It turns out that listening to the audio simply didn’t work for me at all! Normally, I just would have given up on a book that confused me from the get-go, but since I’ve loved all of Alex North’s previous books, I decided to switch to the ebook and start fresh. Let’s just say that I’m super glad I did.

This was a buddy read/listen with Kaceey.

Thanks to Celadon Books and Macmillan Audio via NetGalley.

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    1. Thanks Wendy. I’m going to try and post a bit – we have both been extremely busy and it’s a lot to keep up (I can’t even keep up with Goodreads) but we shall see. Nice to see you too and hope all is well!


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