About Susanne and Kaceey


Books are a Girl’s Best Friends: Besties & Book Buddies.

Susanne and Kaceey met on Goodreads, the social media site for readers.

After commenting on each other’s book reviews and getting to know each other, we became friends and joined an online book club on Goodreads and after a while, started doing buddy reads together. Several years later, the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, we’ve developed a very close friendship and have shared a lot of laughs, and yes, a few tears. Susanne is the sappy one and has cried many times over a book, even the ones she has read more than once. Kaceey adores her thrillers – and prefers when the endings are full of surprises.

We mainly read contemporary fiction, general fiction, literary fiction, grit-lit, mystery suspense, thrillers and rom-coms, though Susanne also reads science fiction/fantasy.

I’m Susanne. I’ve been an avid reader since I was about 9 years old. The first series that made me love to read was “The Girls of Canby Hall” by Emily Chase. From there, I read whatever I could get my hands on: Bronte, Salinger, and of course, mystery / suspense authors like Dean Koontz. Then at the age of thirteen. I fell and fell hard, Enter Stephen King. Clowns still make me run far and fast.

I’m Kaceey. My love of reading started as a child growing up in Canada. The library was my favorite place to be. In my teens, I started reading detective/mystery novels, and I continue to read many of the same authors to this day. My joy and passion for reading have only grown and deepened over the years. Now, no matter where I find myself, there’s always a book or kindle close by and the opportunity to escape into another world.

Why our Friendship is Everlasting and our Buddy Reads are Wholly Entertaining

Texting everyday over the books we love, we have ended up sharing our lives with each other, laughing a lot, snorting, tears often streaming down our faces.

Though we most often agree on the books we read, when we disagree, we really disagree and that makes life very interesting!

When it comes to buddy reads, ours is a true partnership. We trade off on choosing books to read and we make decisions together.

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