My Summer Darlings by May Cobb @BerkleyPub @NetGalley @edelweiss_squad #fiction #domestic suspense #mystery #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: Extremely Weak Women. Anger, Betrayal, and Idiocy. Fake “Lifelong” Female Friends who backstab each other day in, day out.  Graphic Nasty Raunchy Trashy Sex.  Color me sick. To be perfectly frank, absolutely revolted. In case you didn’t get it, this book was not for me.   The main reason is this: I abhor booksContinue reading “My Summer Darlings by May Cobb @BerkleyPub @NetGalley @edelweiss_squad #fiction #domestic suspense #mystery #bookreview #bookblogger”

The Party at Number 12 by Kerry Wilkinson @kerrywk @bookouture @NetGalley #thriller #suspense #bookreview

Kaceey’s Review: I’m a huge Kerry Wilkinson fan, so when I saw his latest release offered as an audio I couldn’t resist! And once again… he delivers! Newly divorced, Hanna decides to throw herself a well-deserved going away party for herself before setting off on a dream trip abroad. She’s even rented a house soContinue reading “The Party at Number 12 by Kerry Wilkinson @kerrywk @bookouture @NetGalley #thriller #suspense #bookreview”

The Favor by Nora Murphy @NoraMurphyBooks @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #domesticsuspense #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: The best favors are those you don’t need to ask for…. Leah and McKenna have never met, but they have a great deal in common. Primarily, their abusive husbands.  When the two women incidentally cross paths Leah realizes that McKenna is as trapped as she is. How will both women find a wayContinue reading “The Favor by Nora Murphy @NoraMurphyBooks @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #domesticsuspense #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger”

The It Girl by Ruth Ware @RuthWareWriter @GalleryBooks @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: Can You Say Ruh Roh? The It Girl started out strong and petered out at the end. I had such high hopes for this one! I adore Ruth Ware and admittedly love character driven novels. In the beginning I was all in and that excitement carried on until about 70-75% and then IContinue reading “The It Girl by Ruth Ware @RuthWareWriter @GalleryBooks @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger”

First Born by Will Dean @willrdean @AtriaBooks @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: Compelling, Sick and Twisted.  You Got Me Again Will Dean. Bravo.  Featuring twisted freaking sister(s)!!  How on earth did I not figure this one out?!  I have asked myself that several times since finishing it. Baaaawahhhaaaahhhaa! Can I just say this one tripped me up?!  A wildly captivating, character driven, mystery suspense thatContinue reading “First Born by Will Dean @willrdean @AtriaBooks @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger”

A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings @foxygrandpa27 @MacmillanAudio @librofm #romcom #romance #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: Harper is obsessed with getting accepted into a top oral surgery residency program! She eats, breathes and sleeps all things “oral surgery.” Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but she truly is one highly focused gal! Dan is also a fellow dental student, but lacks the passion and drive that Harper has. But he isContinue reading “A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings @foxygrandpa27 @MacmillanAudio @librofm #romcom #romance #bookreview #bookblogger”

Wish You Were Gone by Kieran Scott @KieranScott @GalleryBooks @NetGalley #Mystery #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: The day Emma decides to confront her husband James and ask for a divorce is the day he doesn’t come home. Little does she know he crashed his car into the garage and his body lay in a heap. As Emma and her kids, Hunter & Kelsey deal with the aftermath of James’Continue reading “Wish You Were Gone by Kieran Scott @KieranScott @GalleryBooks @NetGalley #Mystery #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger”

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin @megangoldin @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookblogger #bookreview

Susanne’s Review: Thrilling! When Liv Reese wakes up in the back of a cab, she is devoid of memory.  What she notices is that her hands are covered in black pen with messages such as “Wake Up” & “Stay Awake.” As she approaches her brownstone and tries to go inside, she realizes she doesn’t haveContinue reading “Stay Awake by Megan Goldin @megangoldin @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookblogger #bookreview”

Look Closer by David Ellis @DavidEllisBooks @penguinusa @NetGalley #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: The twistiest book I’ve read this year! There is little I can share about the premise without revealing spoilers. I’ll just suggest you go into this one as blind as possible! One thing I will say, I loved all the fabulous, quirky characters! Simon, the Law School professor with his fun language games.Continue reading “Look Closer by David Ellis @DavidEllisBooks @penguinusa @NetGalley #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger”

Nine Lives by Peter Swanson @PeterSwanson3 @WmMorrowBooks @NetGalley #Suspense #mystery #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: Intriguing! Nine random people receive an identical list in the mail with nine names, including their own. No other information is included.  One of the nine names is FBI agent Jessica Winslow – she is the only one to give the list pause. As soon as one of the nine individuals is murderedContinue reading “Nine Lives by Peter Swanson @PeterSwanson3 @WmMorrowBooks @NetGalley #Suspense #mystery #bookreview #bookblogger”