The Sixth Wedding by Elin Hilderbrand @elinhilderbrand #womensfiction #romance #libraryloan

Fun Stuff!

What are we talking about in 2023:  Peloton Classes in LA and NY, the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona (lol), and of course Cooper Blessing! Go Coop!  

This felt like a trip down memory lane and what a trip it was!

It’s Labor Day Weekend, in 2023, and Cooper, Fray, Leland, UDG, and of course, Jake McCloud are back. Their antics kept me glued to the edge of my seat (as always). 

As for Coop, you are one wild and crazy guy!

Now all I need is another book in this fabulous series!

Thanks to my local library for loaning me a copy.

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A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings @foxygrandpa27 @MacmillanAudio @librofm #romcom #romance #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review:

Harper is obsessed with getting accepted into a top oral surgery residency program! She eats, breathes and sleeps all things “oral surgery.” Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but she truly is one highly focused gal!

Dan is also a fellow dental student, but lacks the passion and drive that Harper has. But he is however, driven to want Harper in his life. Unfortunately for the infatuated Dan, Harper is focused on one thing only…and that’s not men! Well, atleast not right now anyway. 

Can the two carry on satisfied with just being friends? Is that enough for either of them? Or will their hearts win out in the end?

An adorable, sweet romance that thoroughly filled my heart. Even though Harper was a bit intense for me I still found the storyline and their friendship very entertaining.

I listened to the audio and enjoyed the narration compliments of Emily Lawrence and Vikas Adam.

Thank you to for my 🎧copy.

Wish You Were Gone by Kieran Scott @KieranScott @GalleryBooks @NetGalley #Mystery #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review:

The day Emma decides to confront her husband James and ask for a divorce is the day he doesn’t come home. Little does she know he crashed his car into the garage and his body lay in a heap.

As Emma and her kids, Hunter & Kelsey deal with the aftermath of James’ death, so do their closest friends. Life behind closed doors was not as it seemed. Then again, no one’s life is.  

When the secrets come tumbling out, no one is left unscathed.  

A melodramatic domestic drama that left much to be desired. For me, I simply felt as though way too much was going on in everyone’s lives and it made my eyes roll.  What I thought at the end of this was that my friends and I just don’t have that much going on. 

This was a buddy read/listen with Kaceey.  

Thanks to Gallery Books for the arc via NetGalley.

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Kaceey’s Review:

This book starts off with a BANG! Literally! As James fatally crashes his car into the family garage.

Now Emma and her 2 kids are left to pick up the pieces and move on. Though honestly, she’d had her fill of James’ shenanigans in the first place!🙄 Not that she wanted him dead mind you!😉

But with the help of her two closest friends, there’s hope of starting over again.

As time goes by, Emma is uncovering disturbing information about her late husband that has her questioning everything about him and their marriage.

I toggled back and forth between the written and audio versions. The cast of narrators for the audio powerfully give this story a real boost. If you have the option I would definitely go with the audio! 

This was a fun domestic thriller, and while I was left with some unanswered questions, I still enjoyed!  Hope you will too!

A buddy read/audio with Susanne!

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books as well as Simon and Schuster Audio.

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin @megangoldin @StMartinsPress @NetGalley #thriller #fiction #bookblogger #bookreview

Susanne’s Review:


When Liv Reese wakes up in the back of a cab, she is devoid of memory.  What she notices is that her hands are covered in black pen with messages such as “Wake Up” & “Stay Awake.” As she approaches her brownstone and tries to go inside, she realizes she doesn’t have her keys or her phone. It’s at that moment that she realizes that a stranger lives in her apartment and that nothing is as it seems. 

Then she finds the bloody knife in her coat pocket.

Across town, a man’s body is found. The evidence is scant. There is however a phrase inked backwards in blood on the window for all outside to see. 

Liv appears tied to the murder, though she has no memory of recent events, as every time she goes to sleep, she loses her memory.  While I’ve never heard of this type of amnesia, perhaps anything is possible. While I raised an eyebrow, or two, I went with it.

An enjoyable mystery / suspense that kept me intrigued throughout.

A buddy read with Kaceey!

Thanks to St. Martins Press via NetGalley for the arc.

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Kaceey’s Review:

Liv Reese awakens in the back of a cab with no memory of how she got there.  Glancing down at her arms, she’s more confused than ever. They are covered in writing… with several prominent words, including

Stay awake! And Wake Up!

Meanwhile, the police are mid-discovery of a man’s body in a rental, with the same simple words scrawled on the window…WAKE UP!

Now come on, We all know that cant be a coincidence!😉

Wow! This was quite the thrill ride!

Poor Liv, every time she goes to sleep she loses her memories from the previous 2 years. (And who wouldn’t like to forget the last two years?!) Now it’s crucial she put the pieces together once again. Who to trust? Why does she feel her life is in danger?

I’ve read similar premises in past reads. But thanks to some serious creativity it still felt fresh and terrifying! I sped through this at breakneck speed, high on the thrill as was Liv on her caffeine. 

Though there were a few things not quite adding up for me, in the end I still absolutely loved this one and highly recommend it! Thriller fans, don’t miss out on this little gem!

A fast and furious buddy read with Susanne that we both really enjoyed!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press.

Look Closer by David Ellis @DavidEllisBooks @penguinusa @NetGalley #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review:

The twistiest book I’ve read this year!

There is little I can share about the premise without revealing spoilers. I’ll just suggest you go into this one as blind as possible!

One thing I will say, I loved all the fabulous, quirky characters! Simon, the Law School professor with his fun language games.

His wife Vicky, with her shadowy background. They are closing in on ten years of marriage! Life couldn’t be better for the happy couple….


I was ‘super-glued’ to the pages, stunned with one shocking twist after another. Picking my jaw up off the ground with every “are you kidding me” and “no way” moments!


I’ve read a number of books by this author in the past. Both solo work as well as his collaborations with James Patterson. This is by far my favorite book of his to date and I cannot wait to read his next! Let’s go!

If you love a manically twisted thriller, don’t miss out on this one! This shouldn’t just be on your list… it should be at the top!

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam


Nine Lives by Peter Swanson @PeterSwanson3 @WmMorrowBooks @NetGalley #Suspense #mystery #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review:


Nine random people receive an identical list in the mail with nine names, including their own. No other information is included.  One of the nine names is FBI agent Jessica Winslow – she is the only one to give the list pause. As soon as one of the nine individuals is murdered a few of the others begin to take notice. And so it goes.

Will anyone survive?  That is the question!

Tense, taut and suspenseful, Nine Lives is a highly entertaining, character driven mystery.  

While the ending left a tiny bit to be desired, I was still entertained.  

A buddy read with Kaceey that we both enjoyed.

Thanks to Sam Glatt at Scene of the Crime and William Morrow and Custom House for the arc.

Kaceey’s Review:

One list, nine names!

All random. No one knows who the other names belong to. Or for that matter, why their own name is on that list. And trust me folks…this is one list you don’t want to be on!

One-by-one, people on the list are systematically singled out. Never knowing when their number would be up. So who is behind this list? And what is their end-game?

The storyline unfolds from the perspective of all nine characters as well as the police. Yikes! The thought of keeping all those POV’s straight had me shaking in my shoes!

But….at the very beginning of the book the author gives us a list of all the main characters (thank goodness)! I actually made screenshots for Susanne and myself. And found myself referring back to them until the characters developed more and I could keep them all straight.

I’ve always been hit or miss with Peter Swanson’s books. Glad to report this latest one was definitely a hit. Loved the heavy suspense as each character was picked off, hoping the police would solve this murderous case before my favorite was taken out!🙈

A fun buddy read with Susanne as we both rooted for our favorite characters survival!🤣

Thank you to Sam Glatt at Scene of the Crime and William Morrow and Custom House

A Flicker In The Dark by Stacy Willingham @MacmillanAudio @NetGalley #fiction #thriller #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review:

Cue the assumptions, the drug use, and the paranoia.  

Chloe Davis was twelve years old when her father was arrested for murdering six teenage girls.  

Traumatized for life, Chloe escaped to Baton Rouge as an adult so as to try and start over. It’s been twenty years and still, it haunts her. Engaged to be married, Chloe can’t let go.  

When a teenage girl goes missing, all of Chloe’s old feelings re-emerge. Then her body is found and Chloe has no choice but to investigate in order to try and stop the killer before he strikes again.

A Flicker in the Dark started out strong and I was all in… and then poof, halfway through, my interest went out like a light.  

Why? The myriad of assumptions made by Chloe about potential murderers (without any proof at all), along with her anxiety and sheer paranoia, made me completely annoyed. Frankly, I just wanted to skip to the end with 45% left of the novel. Furthermore, her “ability” to obtain prescriptions in the name of other people and take numerous pills to zone out frustrated me to no end. Lastly, I happened to guess both culprits early on, and while that didn’t impact my enjoyment, I thought both were quite obvious.  

While this novel wasn’t quite for me, I am only one reviewer thus I urge readers to check out other reviews.

A buddy listen with Kaceey.

Thank you to MacMillan Audio via Netgalley for the alc.

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Kaceey’s Review:

Do you consider your family dysfunctional?

Many will answer that with an absolute YES! But, I do believe Chloe takes the grand prize. Her father is currently sitting in prison for the murder of six teenage girls. Yup! Having a serial killer for a father makes Chloe the hands-down winner.🏆

Chloe has desperately tried to put her nightmarish childhood behind her, but a little something called trust has become a huge issue…as you can imagine!💁🏻‍♀️

So what happens when teenage girls start dying…again! And Chloe knows each of them. Horrifying. But it can’t be her father, he’s still in prison. So is this a copycat? Or worse?

Though I had this one figured out early on, it in no way took away from my enjoyment… at all. It was thoroughly engaging from start to finish. This happens to be a debut from a talented new thriller author. And I’m looking forward to what she’ll come up with next!

Highly recommend the audio version!

A buddy read with Susanne (thank you 😉)

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio

Bend Toward The Sun by Jen Devon @StMartinsPress #goodreadsgiveaway #romance #bookblogger #bookreview

Kaceey’s Review:

I definitely qualify as an outlier for this one.

Rowan and Harry meet in a most unexpected way. They somehow find themselves face to face, as Harry catches her in a joyful game of hide and seek. Rowan is the type who likes to be known as a winner and won’t go down without a fight.

Instantly you can see the connection between these two characters as destiny draws them together at Harry’s family vineyard. 

For me, this book was reminiscent of a hallmark movie. Just too syrupy-sweet for this reader. It appears I’m in the minority here so if you’re looking for a lovely romance, this should be a perfect fit for you.

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Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary McKinnon @HannahMMcKinnon @HarlequinBooks@NetGalley #domesticsuspense #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review:

Don’t you just love it when someone evil gets what’s coming to them? If so…Get the popcorn, (big bag!) get yourself good and comfortableand ready…Chapter one!

Lucas is soon to inherit his wealthy wife’s estate. One ittsy-bittsy problem. His loving wife isn’t dead – YET!

But Lucas can take care of that pesty problem.

Best laid plans…

Unfortunately for him, things don’t go as smoothly as he hoped. He’s been receiving disturbing, anonymous notes informing him that someone knows exactly what he did!

Well, well, well, Lucas.  Isn’t Karma a b****!

This was a fun thriller told from Lucas’ POV. I positively relished watching him squirm as the heat turned up!

For a thriller somewhat on the lighter side this, will fit the bill perfectly. A great summer (or spring time) read!

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing/ MIRA

The Bookwoman’s Daughter by Kim Michele Richardson #kimmichelerichardson @Sourebooks @NetGalley #contemporaryfiction #bookblogger

The Book Woman’s Daughter by Kim Michele Richardson is the story of Honey Mary Angeline Lovett, daughter of Cussy Mary Lovett, the original Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.

The last of the Kentucky Bluets, Honey Lovett has her hard work cut out for her. Still, a teenager, when her parents, Cussy Mary and Jackson get arrested, Honey has to figure out a way to survive on her own and not get sent away to an institution.  

Luckily for Honey, she finds a job as a Packhorse Librarian. It’s even the same route as her mamma’s old one and it pays much more than what Cussy used to make all those years ago.  Now she just has to fight to stay on her own!  

Fighting for emancipation, in addition to fighting cruelty, racism, and sexism, Honey stands on her own and never gives up.  Sounds just like her mother!

What makes this book so special is not just the message, but the characters themselves. Honey Lovett’s spirit shines through, just like her mothers did. Always going out of her way to help others and fight for what is right.  Then there’s Honey’s best friend Pearl, whose kindness and generosity bowled me over.  

Beautifully written, this is a worthy sequel to the Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.  While I didn’t love it quite as much as the first novel, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark via NetGalley for the arc.