In The Clearing by J.P. Pomare @JPPomare @mulhollandbooks #suspense

Kaceey’s Review:

Once again J.P. Pomare delivers a shocking thriller that will leave you speechless.

Told from two perspectives:
Amy: a young fifteen year old girl living with her “new family” all her brothers and sisters. This is no peace love and s’mores kind of clan. These children are worked morning to night with little food to sustain them. No complaints though…. ‘Mother’ would not appreciate anyone speaking out of turn.

Freya: A single mother who always seems to be looking over her shoulder. She trusts no one. And holds onto her son maybe a bit too tightly. She has secrets (don’t we all😂) but you just know hers are going to be whoppers!

My head was spinning from all the twists J.P. Pomare kept throwing at me. I was able to figure a couple of the smaller ones out, but the shockers stopped me in my tracks! I mean I literally had to stop reading to process the enormity of the twists.😱

This is the second book I’ve read from this author and though I loved Call Me Evie just a bit more, both delivered everything I look for in a thriller.

Can’t wait for his next release! I’m already in line!🙋🏻‍♀‍

Thank you to NetGalley and Mulholland Books for an ARC to read and review,

He Started It by Samantha Downing @smariedowning @berkleypub #bookreview #suspense

Susanne’s Review:

Family: You can’t Pick ‘em, but Sometimes, you sure which you could!

Ah, the nostalgia of family road trips!

Unfortunately for Eddie, Beth and Portia, they don’t exactly have fond memories of the road trip they took with their dear old Grandpa when they were young. Nightmares are more like it! So why, pray tell would they be willing to relive the experience all over again? An inheritance of course! Dear sweet Grandpa bequeathed them each with lots of dough on one condition, they must take that exact road trip one more time. Sounds easy enough right?

Eddie, Beth and Portia, should have figured that it would be dangerous, treacherous even. After all, each prides themselves on keeping secrets. Whoppers, if you will.. and let’s face it, if you aren’t going to keep secrets from your family, who are you to keep secrets from?

“He Started It” by Samantha Downing has an oddly addictive quality to it! I kept turning page after page even when I knew I needed to put the book down! It’s compelling and engrossing and all of those dastardly little secrets got me and got me good! After having read Ms. Downing’s debut novel, “My Lovely Wife” (which was one of my favorite reads of 2018) and now this, I can say that Samantha Downing is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I will read anything and everything she writes. For those of you who haven’t haven’t read anything by her, it’s about time you changed that!

As far as family road trips go, thanks for the lesson, I plan on steering clear!

This was another fabulous buddy read with Kaceey.

Thank you so much to Elisha at Penguin Publishing Group for the arc and to Samantha Downing as well.

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Kaceey’s Review:

Road trip!! WHEEEEEEE!

Remember those unbearable road trips you took when you were a kid? Stuffed into the backseat with your annoying siblings! So busy fighting you missed all the bizarre roadside attractions?
Well, what if many years later you had to retrace those steps? That’s right boys and girls! It’s another road trip! Only now you’re all grown up! And guess what…if you make it to the end?
There just might be a surprise waiting for you! Bonus!

Buckle up!

When grandpa died, the instructions in his will requested his grandchildren to retrace the trip he took them on as children. If they can pull it off while adhering to a few specific rules along the way, they will all inherit from his estate. Good luck kids! ‘Cause you’re all going to need it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

Samantha Downing writes a clever thriller that will keep you flipping the pages as the sibling rivalries are re-ignited, ramping up to full throttle! Secrets! Lies! Maybe even murder? How terribly juicy! Quick question: How is your relationship with your family members? Think you could all survive the Highway to Hell road trip?

Happy trails!

I’m glad I read this one alongside Susanne as it created quite a conversation at the end! I think it will for you too! I’ll be curious to see what you all think!

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing and Samantha Downing for an ARC to read and review.

The Switch by Beth O’Leary @macmillanaudio @librofm #romcom #betholeary

Kaceey’s Review:

A delightful read guaranteed to leave an ear-to-ear smile on your face.

Leena seemingly has it all in her busy London life. A top-tier job and a strikingly handsome boyfriend. Suddenly she finds her back against the wall after being unceremoniously forced into a sabbatical from her position.

Eileen is eighty and not about to give up on life or love. When granddaughter Lee arrives in her Yorkshire home she welcomes her with open arms. And dear grandma Eileen may just have a clever plan to help them both get what they need.

For Leena, a much needed respite away from the grind of the city. For Eileen, a chance to live London and see what it has to offer a spunky octogenarian.

Thus, the decision is made to Switch.

This is a sweet read that will have you cheering for Eileen and crossing your fingers that we’ll be that feisty in our eighties!

The audio version was perfect!

A buddy 🎧 with Susanne.

Thank you to

Susanne’s Review:

Cute as a Button!

Can love be found at any age? Maybe!

When Leena Cotton is forced to take a two month leave from her job, she has an idea. Her Grandmother Eileen Cotton lives in Hameligh-in-Harskdale and has always wanted to live in London, thus the two decide to switch lives, with Leena moving to Hamleigh and Eileen moving to London.

Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime right?

For Eileen Cotton it is. She suddenly finds herself looking for love on a dating website for the elderly and what she finds is a whole lot of fun. Eileen also finds herself living in Leena’s apartment, along with Leena’s flatmates – which is an experience like no other.

Leena, on the other hand, has to take care of all of Eileen’s “projects” in Hamleigh and none of Eileen’s friends are very accepting of her. Can she win them over while also trying to mend her relationship with her mum with whom she hasn’t been close, in over a year?

A heartwarming novel that will warm your soul in the sweetest of ways, the words I would use to describe this book are “adorably cute.”

In tough times, I recommend listening to the audiobook, as it made me smile and I think it will make you smile too! 3.5 Stars

A buddy listen with Kaceey!

Thank you to and Macmillan Audio for the alc.

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The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary @flatironbooks #betholeary #romcom

Susanne’s Review:

Totes Adorbs.

If you’re in need of a light, sweet rom com that will pick you up when you’re feeling down, grab “The Flatshare” by Beth O’Leary – it hits all the right notes.

Tiffy and Leon become Flatmates in the most unusual of ways. Leon, you see, works nights and Tiffy works days so they stay in the apartment in shifts, with Leon having it during the day and Tiffy on nights and weekends. The two communicate only by post-it notes and learn all about each other’s lives that way, hearing funny, quirky stories, and lamenting about life. Somehow the two forge a relationship even though they’ve never laid eyes on each other.

Sounds impossible right? Here, somehow, the impossible becomes sweet, soulful and just plain perfect.

With a few hilarious moments thrown in, this novel is utter perfection, which I highly recommend.

A huge thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook.

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My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing @smariedowning @berkleypub #thriller

Thriller Feature: An Oldie But a Goodie!

Kaceey’s Review:

Be prepared to be shocked!😳

If only I could give you a broader glimpse of what this book is about. Unfortunately, nearly everything I’d want to share would end up being a spoiler! So friends…less is more!

Millicent and her husband are living the typical suburban life. Both work, while raising two children. And of course, trying to keep up with the Jones’. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.
However, their “extracurricular activities” are, oh… a bit different than you and me (at least I hope so!) OK, that’s all I’m going to say…

This book is so twisted, so dark and macabre. I was speechless throughout! Once you’re in, it’s absolutely unputdownable! (I love that word!) And just when you think you’ve reached your maximum shock value? Well, not so fast. Samantha Downing isn’t done rocking your world and keeps the surprises coming! Did I mention this is her debut? Seriously! Cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

Make sure to clear your calendar, pack some snacks and put everything else aside. Because you won’t be able to tear yourself away until you reach the final page! This is a must-read for all thriller fans for spring of 2019! You don’t want to miss this one! Highly recommend!

A super fun, shockingly thrilling buddy read with Susanne!

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group for a galley copy to read and review.

Susanne’s Review:

A Brand of Crazy All its Own.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid! Next time your neighbor or someone else smiles at you, perhaps you should just look away. Catching their eye could be extremely dangerous.

Me: Smiling wickedly as I read: “I love this, but it is vile! I really shouldn’t be liking this so much, I mean, it’s so not right, but I just can’t help my darn self!”

Me: Laughing mischievously, “Oh my gosh, is this actually happening? I cannot believe she just did that!”

So what’s the premise? A man and a woman meet, fall in love and marry. Together, they have the wildest and well, most terrifying of hobbies. It’s one I’d never imagine and frankly, hope remains fictional.

For me, reading this was like eating a potato chip. I simply couldn’t get enough! The secrets are whoppers and the suspense is all consuming, gritty, grimy and was like nothing I’ve ever read before.

“My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing is seriously unputdownable! You simply must get your hands on it, like right this second. Beg, borrow or steal if you have to, or maybe just ask nicely, whatever works. You will not regret it.

My final thought is this: “My Lovely Wife” is freakish and demented and I loved every second of it. It is so crazy that it will make me give almost everyone I meet from now on the side-eye, including you!

This was a buddy read with Kaceey. Most of the conversations I had above (smiling wickedly, etc.), happened in the context of texting with her. We went back and forth constantly, as we couldn’t believe our own eyes. It was totally awesome, thus I highly recommend this for a group read. Thanks so much as always Kaceey!

A huge thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and to Samantha Downing for an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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We Begin At The End by Chris Whittaker @WhittyAuthor @HenryHolt @MacmillanAudio #bookreview #bookblogger #fiction

Susanne’s Review:

My Cup Runneth Over and the Tears Spilled.

While reading this book, I was overcome with intense emotion and extraordinary heartbreak.

This is character-driven literary crime fiction about family, friendship, loss, and mystery that includes all of my favorite elements.  Dysfunction; grief, heartache; humanity; humor; love; loyalty, pain, regret, and unrelenting tragedy.

It’s a novel that is dripping with heart and that heart resides in the characters.  Characters that I love with all of my heart and then some. Characters who I’ve thought about every darn day since I turned the last page.

It’s the characters of Duchess, Robin, Walk, Hal, Dolly, and Martha who bring this book to life and made my heartache. 

Duchess Day Radley is a thirteen (13) year-old self-proclaimed “Outlaw.”  Tough as nails, she’ll do whatever she has to do to take care of herself and her five (5) year old brother Robin, seeing as her mom has never been all that reliable, much to Duchess’ chagrin. Unfortunately for Duchess, after trying just a little too hard to take care of her family, she finds herself in a world of trouble, the likes of which I can’t imagine.

The bonds shared between brother and sister here are absolutely soul-wrenching. As if the characters of Duchess and Robin were real, I too found myself in great distress when tragedy befell these two time and again.  If I could have scooped them up and taken them to safety, I would have.

“Walk” is Chief of Police. Though he checks in on the Radleys from time to time, he’s not a miracle worker and he has other fish to fry, including helping his former best friend, Vincent King rehabilitate after spending 30 years in prison.  Walk, of course, has his own troubles, none of which he can run away from.

The mystery here is devastating, heart-wrenching, and gripping.  Though there is tragedy here, there is also humor.  Surprising, shocking, brilliant humor. The writing is beautiful and is full of grace and grit.

In truth:  “We Begin At The End” by Chris Whittaker IS the BEST book I’ve read so far this year and I would be stunned if another book surpasses it. It will of course be at the top of my Goodreads best-of-list for 2021!

This is my first read by Chris Whittaker but it will most certainly not be my last.  I will be searching for and reading his entire backlist shortly. 

If this is not on your tbr, search it out!  I switched back and forth between the book and the audiobook and loved both.  George Newbern narrated the audiobook and his narration is phenomenal!

Thank you to NetGalley, and Henry Holt and Company for arc, and MacMillan Audio for the alc.

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The Burning Girls by C. J. Tudor @cjtudor @random house #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review:

I have been hit and miss with this author since day one. Her first two books left me cold and I thought we would be parting ways. But no so fast…..

I took a chance with her last book The Other People since the reviews were amazing and I finally saw what all the fuss was about. It was amazing.

So with this latest release by C .J. Tudor’s, I went in with a slight case of nerves. Not knowing which side I would fall on. And…. I loved it! I think it’s safe to say I am now on the C.J. Tudor bandwagon. Please move over everyone and make room for me to join you all!

Vicar Jack Brooks has a new assignment. She is leaving Nottingham in a bit of well one could say a scandal. She is moved to a quiet village where the church hopes she can stay out of trouble. Ha! Apparently, they don’t know this Jack Brooks very well.

I loved Vicar Brooks, she was presented in such a way that I had to remind myself she was a woman of the church. Quite the character!

The atmosphere of the book is dark and eerie at times but never scary. So have no fear my fellow scaredy cats you can read this one with ease!

I am now anxiously awaiting C. J. Tudor’s next release…. this time with NO hesitation! I’m all in!

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine.

Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner @penguinbooks #mysterysuspense

Kaceey’s Review:

I’ve been reading Lisa Gardner’s books for years, enjoying both her series stand-alone and options equally. Sadly this latest release fell short for me. Maybe I’ve just come to expect more from this author.💁🏻‍♀️

Frankie Elkin has devoted her every waking moment to finding missing children. Her focus is on those who may not have a voice heard through media, with no resources necessary to keep an investigation moving forward.

Her latest challenge brings her to a Boston suburb where a young Haitian girl, Angelique has vanished. Can Frankie work her magic and piece together the mystery of her disappearance in time to bring her home safely?

I had a hard time warming up to Frankie. I just didn’t find her…authentic?🤷🏻‍♀️ Her reasons for devoting her passion to this cause just didn’t add up for me. And her glimpses into her past just didn’t bring much to the table.

Still, Lisa Gardner remains one of my favorite authors. This was just a step back for me.
There are some great five-star reviews out there so take a look at those as well before making a decision on this book.

A buddy read with Susanne that left both of us a little bit perplexed and underwhelmed.🙁

Thank you to Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing Group for an ARC to read and review.

Susanne’s Review:

Frankie Elkins is a troubled middle-aged woman, who is on the run from her life.  She is a recovering alcoholic who finds missing persons.  It’s just something she has been doing for the last ten years of her life.

In “Before She Disappeared” Frankie finds herself in Boston, searching for teenager Angelique Badeau who went missing from her High School eleven months prior.

Though she has no experience or training, somehow, Frankie has a way about her, an ability to make people trust her and get information that the police do not.  In addition, she thinks of avenues to explore that the police don’t even consider.  

Frankie is a complex character, whose backstory is somewhat compelling.  She is kind and strong, yet tormented by her past.  

While this book starts out as suspenseful and intriguing, it required this reader to suspend disbelief at Frankie’s ability to solve crimes, given her lack of training.  I also found the romance that was brewing between Frankie and the Detective to be a bit rushed.  Furthermore, I didn’t buy into Frankie’s background as the reasons for her needing to make things right and thought the novel felt “forced.”

What makes this story enjoyable, however, is the writing.  It is extremely solid and the character development, as always is very well done.  

As a huge fan of Lisa Gardner, the DD Warren, and Flora Dane series, unfortunately, this standalone novel didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  I, therefore, hope that the author returns to her tried and true for her next go-round.

Thank you to Edelweiss, Penguin Publishing Group – Dutton, and Lisa Gardner for the arc.

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The Coast to Coast Murders by James Patterson and J.D. Barker @littlebrown

Kaceey’s Review:

My goodness! I cannot remember the last time it took me a month…that’s right an entire month to read a book! And a James Patterson one at that! I used to be able to fly through his books in a day. Perhaps it was the new pairing with J.D. Barker? Though I have enjoyed his works in the past.🤔

Michael finds the dead body of a woman in his bathtub. He has never seen her before and has no idea who she is or how she got there. Yet the police believe not only did he know her but he had a relationship with her. They can back up their theory with pictures of the two of them together! And they know this isn’t his first victim. Now Michael is on the run for his life with only his adoptive sister Megan to help!

I ended up with very mixed feelings for this book. In my opinion, it was MUCH too long! Though having super short chapters ( a James Patterson trademark) did help move the pages along.

So why the month-long marathon read?💁🏻‍♀‍

I think overall the storyline failed to capture me till the very end. Once the twists started they never ended and I was left exhausted and tangled in a knot by the end! Lots of mixed reviews for this book. So if it’s on your list and you are a fan of these authors give it a try! You might love it!

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for an ARC to read and review.

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy @CharMcConaghy #bookreview #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review:

Brilliant. Moving. Uncharted. 

Franny Stone is a damaged woman who loves with abandon and yet leaves with nary a thought.  

She is the keeper of deep dark secrets, who is on a mission.  To follow the last migration of the Arctic Terns from Greenland to Antarctica.  

Dangerous, treacherous, and uncharted, Franny finds a way.  Across the ocean on the Saghani, a fishing boat chartered by Captain Ennis Malone and his crew.  They are fishermen looking for a haul, though impossible it may seem as fish, just like birds are hard to find.

At first, the crew is tough and exacting.  Then they are kind, warm and funny. 

Franny, known for wanderlust, has never stayed in one place for too long, until now. 

Her messy, rocky, tumultuous past is shown in flashbacks. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes eerie, sometimes atmospheric and poignant.  

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy is a novel about family, marriage, love, and loss.  There is a haunting, mysterious, mystical quality here that made me feel as if I was almost dreaming while listening to this.

The writing here is simply gorgeous and the story is utterly compelling.  Franny’s life, her heartbreak, her desire for love and family, and her desperate need to follow the Arctic Terns burrowed deep into my soul.  

In case you couldn’t tell, “Migrations” will stay with me.  It is a story about loss and survival and it is not to be missed.

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of this audiobook.  The narration was phenomenal!

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