False Witness by Karin Slaughter @SlaughterKarin @BlackstoneAudio #suspense #thriller #fiction #legalthriller #bookreviewers

Kaceey’s Review: Brutal…raw…  Be prepared for a deeply disturbing read! A dark story that delves deep into the topics of pedophilia, rape, and drug abuse. And Karin Slaughter is not one to hold anything back. She pulls back the curtains… exposing the gritty, harsh brutality of life.  Leigh and Callie are two sisters who’ve grownContinue reading “False Witness by Karin Slaughter @SlaughterKarin @BlackstoneAudio #suspense #thriller #fiction #legalthriller #bookreviewers”

A Matter of Life and Death by Phillip Margolin @philmargolin @StMartinsPress #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: Are you looking for a great legal thriller to lose yourself in over a weekend? Look no further…you found it! This is a twisty tale involving a fight club, blackmailing prostitutes and most importantly …murder! How does all this fit together you ask? Well, I can’t spoil the fun…you’ll have to pick thisContinue reading “A Matter of Life and Death by Phillip Margolin @philmargolin @StMartinsPress #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger”

Take It Back by Kia Abdullah

Susanne’s Review: A Highly Emotional Story that Packs one Hell of a Punch. There are two sides to every story. The difficulty is determining wherein lies the truth. In London, a young teenage girl accuses four teenage boys of rape. The victim is Jodie Wolfe, a girl with facial deformities. The accused are four MuslimContinue reading “Take It Back by Kia Abdullah”