After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid @tjenkinsreid #fiction #contemporaryfiction #audiobook #libraryloan #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: A Taylor Jenkins Reid novel that I almost gave up on immediately…  (and yes, I had my reasons!) Thankfully, I kept going and it totally paid off! The beginning of this novel was so Schmaltzy and Schmoopy, I honestly couldn’t take it!  It was so very over the top, it made me ill.Continue reading “After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid @tjenkinsreid #fiction #contemporaryfiction #audiobook #libraryloan #bookblogger”

Here’s to Us by Elin Hilderbrand @elinhilderbrand #womensfiction #contemporaryfiction #libraryloan #audiobook #bookblogger

Susanne’s Review: The moral of this story: Families are complicated, messy, and sometimes, wholly dysfunctional. In abundance are love, friendship, and resentment. When the family of Deacon Thorpe goes to Nantucket to celebrate his life, problems arise.  After all, the present and former wives of the man gather together for the first time in theContinue reading “Here’s to Us by Elin Hilderbrand @elinhilderbrand #womensfiction #contemporaryfiction #libraryloan #audiobook #bookblogger”

Pack Up the Moon by Kristan Higgins @Kristan_Higgans @BerkleyPub @NetGalley #fiction #contemporaryfiction #romance #tearjerker #bookreviewers

Kaceey’s Review: Five emotional heart-wrenching stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A glimpse of what true love is supposed to look like.❤️ Josh and Lauren are a young couple over the moon in love. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Until Lauren receives devastating news. She has a terminal condition known as IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis).  Continue reading “Pack Up the Moon by Kristan Higgins @Kristan_Higgans @BerkleyPub @NetGalley #fiction #contemporaryfiction #romance #tearjerker #bookreviewers”

Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews @mkayandrews #kathleenmcinerney #contemporaryfiction #mystery #bookreview

Susanne’s Review: Highly Entertaining! When Conley Hawkin’s new job falls through, her only option is to hightail it home to Silver Bay, and a job writing for her family’s paper, The Silver Bay Beacon.  Soon Conley is in the thick of things after witnessing the death of a local Congressman. Seeing as she is aContinue reading “Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews @mkayandrews #kathleenmcinerney #contemporaryfiction #mystery #bookreview”

Hang The Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur @ambellefleur @avonbooks # romcom #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: Who says romance is dead?! This was such a delightful rom com that captured me right from the start and held my heart through the final chapters. Brandon is a strong believer in romance. He has developed an app to help people find their true love. Only he is still looking for his.Continue reading “Hang The Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur @ambellefleur @avonbooks # romcom #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger”

At First Sight by Hannah Sunderland

Kaceey’s Review: I was in the mood for a heartwarming love story. But this one just missed the mark for me.  Do you believe in love at first sight? Nell who works for a helpline is rushing to eat her lunch before having to return to work. Her cafe is almost full, the only openContinue reading “At First Sight by Hannah Sunderland”

The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall @KatyBirchall @MacmillanAudio #romcom #fiction #Bookreview #Bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review: Every bride needs a bridesmaid to help them navigate the most important day of their lives. But what if you need a little more help than what your friends or family can do? What if you really need professional assistance? But don’t want to give up control of your wedding. Enter Sophie Breeze,Continue reading “The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall @KatyBirchall @MacmillanAudio #romcom #fiction #Bookreview #Bookblogger”

Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez @AuthorAbbyJim @GrandCentralPub #forever #romcom #fiction #bookreview

Kaceey’s Review: This was one of my most anticipated reads for this year! I absolutely loved the previous two books by this author and had been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this newest release by Abby Jimenez. Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe when you want something so badly itContinue reading “Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez @AuthorAbbyJim @GrandCentralPub #forever #romcom #fiction #bookreview”

Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley @OakleyColleen #contemporary fiction #fiction #bookreviewer #bookcommunity

Susanne’s Review: Oh So Good! Jubilee Jenkins is allergic to humans.  As in if someone touches her skin, she could literally die. That in a nutshell caused Jubilee to hide from the world for 10 lonely years.   All this time, Jubilee’s mother has taken care of her financially but after her mother’s death, Jubilee isContinue reading “Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley @OakleyColleen #contemporary fiction #fiction #bookreviewer #bookcommunity”

Cherish by Tracey Garvis Graves @tgarvisgraves #fiction #romance #audiobooks #bookreview

Susanne’s Review: Swoon-Worthy Detective Daniel Rush from “Covet” gets his own story and it’s a doozy!  At the tail end of “Covet,” Detective Daniel Rush was shot and readers are left wondering what happened to him.  To say that gave me heart palpitations is an understatement!  (He was after all the best part of thatContinue reading “Cherish by Tracey Garvis Graves @tgarvisgraves #fiction #romance #audiobooks #bookreview”